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Brand: Biomecanics

Product Code: Pucek Red

Red child sneakers frm Spain

Best arch support for flat feet shoes
Sneakers for child with weak ankles and flat feet.
Good ortho arch support for small developing kids feet.
Best high tops great arches inside.
Excellent orthopedic arch support, soft and best quality made in Spain.

Running sneakers for a toddler boys with best support.

Red white combination of smooth leather and mash material.
Made in Spain best baby new walkers.
Over time they will form kids feet correctly.
Shoes made in China will never do that - they will deform kids feet.
What is cause of flat feet then?
Main cause of flat feet are genetic in nature, passed in a family genes that is about 10% people globally.
Flat feet can also be acquired due to low quality shoes child wears from young age.
Shoes with zero support will flatten their foot and deform it completely.
Babies are born with flat, pudgy feet and no arch support is visible.
When child is about 20 months old arch becomes visible
Therefore it is very important that child wears appropriate footwear at all times.
When there is no supportive structure, feet deforms with time and that is proven medically in Europe.
That is why in Europe supportive shoes (orthopedic shoes they are called) are required to be worn by every child.
They are designed to support, form, stabilize and form kids feet correctly.
This little red sneaker is no exception and offers it all what is needed for growing and developing feet.

Good ortho arch for pronation

Red sneakers for a toddler


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