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Best baby slippers for walking in house

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Manufacturer Bopi

Product Code: Bambi Red

  • SKU: 45745221
  • Best baby slippers for walking in house
    Slippers with ankle support for baby best house shoes.
    Red boiled 100% natural wool.
    Your baby feet will never sweat in them.
    Decorated with cute hand stitched bear on the front.
    Side zipper, durable baby house shoes.
    Great arches added since no flat slippers are ever produced in Europe.
    Child will never sweat in those house slippers due to special innersoles.
    Proper foot support house shoes for a baby.
    Footwear for kids is regulated by European Ministry of Health
    Where every manufacturer have to make them quality with proper orthopedic support.
    Wool is a breathable material and does not sweat but it keeps feet warm and protected.
    Lovely quality house shoes as they should be.
    Even slippers for kids have to be quality and orthopedic.
    Foot have to be supported at all times.
    If you keep buying local shoes or slippers made in China child will end up with deformed feet.
    All the feet conditions in kids (except in some cases flat feet could be genetic) are caused by garbage shoes from China.
    Pigeon toe, supination, pronation, collapsed ankles, in toe, out toe,
    No local pediatrician will tell you that since USA has a business of producing orthodics for kids.
    Well, orthodics will create some improvement but never restore foot to healthy condition.
    That is why we Europeans spent money on kids feet, they cost in Europe as well.
    There is no cheap shoes produced in Europe for that very season.
    Making a child profiled soles with best support and wool inside with good measurements costs money.
    European manufacturers does not cut the corners like they do it in China.
    Please Note: soles on them run small so order size up.

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