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Brand: Murek

Product Code: Budyn Brown

Best brand of brown snow shoes for a child for winter

Best brand of snow boots for a child for winter
Flat foot best orthopedic support boots
Made out of the best quality smooth lamb leather.
Murek brand offers only best quality snow boots that you can buy.
Brown/yellow in color with a hint of black.
Lined with gortex and lamb wool brand by Murek.
Wool will never sweat or keep moisture as it is natural lining. 
Totally waterproof and snow proof for a child from this brand.
Arches added to the sole of the boot since none of the shoes from Europe are ever flat.
Proper and light in weight best brand for boys snow boots.
Don't buy heavy rubber snow boots for your child or any other none orthopedic brand.
They are horrible and heavy for any child to wear.
Leather boot with good lining is waterproof if made in Europe.
Besides heavy boots destroy child body gait and form as they heavy when they drag their feet.
We had kids in the store locally coming with rubber cheap and heavy snow boots from other brand.
The boot weighted more then the child themselves!
Cheezzzz...how such crap can be good for child when they can't even walk properly but instead drag their feet.
Snow boot is as important as shoe, sandal, or as good sneaker that child wears in a winter.
Avoid junk boots form China made out of heavy rubber - they destroy and torment kids feet
Body gait is affected with those boots that over time since they are so heavy.
Every child that wore them locally has pigeon toes from those crap boots.

Natural wool snow brand of boots for kids

Flat foot best snow walkers brand for kids with weak ankles


Tammy, NJ - 02/10/2021

Phenomenal quality boots for a child! WOW! Warm! Superior wool inside, perfect for winter. They look clunky on the picture but they are basically weightless. They bent so easily and have a nice sole traction. My son will wear them this winter for sure. I bought shoes, sandals and now boots from you and I am hooked! Best store on-line for quality shoes for a child!

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