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Brand: Dawid

Product Code: Dukis Blue

Best blue shoes for boys feet with flat low arches

Running sneakers for kids with flat feet.
Best shoes for kids feet with flat deformed feet and low arches
Great high arches inside for proper foot support.
Ankle support best for pronated feet and weak ankles.
Those sneakers are made out of leather inside and out
They have reinforced ankle support effective against pronation.
They are sturdy at the heel, yet soft at the soles.
Orthopedic arches added to the sole of the model
Antibacterial soles present as well so no sweaty feet in those shoes ever.

Decorated with blue/off white leather lines.
Metal hook velcro closure.

Fully adjustable style for better fit.
Natural leather best sneakers for boys
Flexible navy/off white rubber sole.
Great everyday running shoe.
Developed by company that specializes in medical shoes for kids
Shoes for children are ultra important as they form their feet, posture and body gait.

Running sneakers for kids with flat feet

Toddler tip toe walking corrective sneakers


Loni  -  09/05/2020

Very nice shoes and great support....cool all around sneaker for a child.

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