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Best shoes for a flat foot boy

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Manufacturer Remut

Product Code: Mimik Gray

  • SKU: 33-7145
  • Best shoes for a flat foot boy
    Flat feet weak ankles corrective shoes for boys.
    High arch boys shoes with good support
    Quality shoes for a child that every boy should wear.
    Shoes form kids feet so it is important that they wear good shoes at all times.
    If cheap shoes are worn as a child then orthopedic problems arise such as flat feet, pigeon toes pronated ankles, toeing in problems.
    They all caused by low quality shoes for a child with no support.
    Any country in Europe does not allow such shoes for children since they are viewed as foot forming product.
    That is why it have to be the best quality for any child.
    Yes, they are expensive in Europe as well but far less expensive then orthopedic doctors visits.
    Gray leather dressy shoes for a child
    Will not sweat in those shoes ever due to special anti sweat soles.
    Acti fresh soles inside for comfortable wear.
    Great flex sole for running and walking.
    Superior quality all year round casual shoes for your child.

    High arch boys shoes with good support

    Gray leather dressy shoes for a child


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    Lisa 2014-09-01 18:17:03

    They are fabulous shoes, they really are. Got them 4 months ago and they look great despite my son torturing them daily. Great arch, soft leather and design is beautiful. Roomy for my son's wider foot. One you try a true European shoe you never go back to crap. I tried it 5 years ago and since then never got cheap Chinese shoe for my kid.