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Brand: Biomecanics

Product Code: Mortysia Navy

Best shoes for first walkers girls

Best shoes for first walkers with soft soles
Soft navy color orthopedic baby new walker soft soles shoes.
Made  in Spain out of best leather and ultra soft yet supportive soles.
Supportive sole with best heel and ankle support
Made with smooth navy leather and decorated with lady bugs and flowers.
Good arches present and could be worn barefoot - no smelly feet in them.
Biomechanical soles with appropriate orthopedic and ankle support for growing and developing feet.
Quality shoes only come from Europe since they orthopedic only.
Arch support is added to the sole of the model on purpose as they never go flat since rubber never flattens.
That technology prevents flat feet, ankle pronation and pigeon toes in kids.
Good shoes form support, align kids feet and posture.
Shoes from China will cause your kids feet to deform.

Best shoe for a small baby

Best shoes for first walkers with soft soles


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