Shoes for One Year Old | Baby New Walking Sandals

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Brand: Biomecanics

Product Code: Dikson Gray

Best shoes for 1 year old child
Orthopedic sandals for with proper ortho support that every baby does need.
Pronation best supportive walkers with proper arches and ankle support.
Closed toe model with biomechanical sole by Biomecanics.
Designed as best baby shoes walker that you can buy for a child.
Manufactured in Spain according to orthopedic guidelines set by European Orthopedic Ministry of Health.
Lovely color leather mix gray and lime
Well made sandals for a child that will support little feet to perfection.
Kids in Europe only wear such shoes and start and end up with perfectly shaped and formed feet.
No parent ever puts junk plastic or rubber shoes on their baby.
Just think about it how does rubber shoes as crocks or keens are supportive for your toddlers feet?
Do they offer ankle support?
Do they offer orthopedic arches?
Do they offer not sweat soles?
Are they orthopedic?
Answer: they are among the WORST kids shoes (you cannot call them shoes in reality, God knows what on Earth is that)
So how is that garbage beneficial to your toddler feet?
They are the cause of pigeon toes, pronation, ankles turning inwards, flat feet since when does rubber shoes are good for any feet?
Rubber is not a material that is suitable for shoes.
Only soles are made out of rubber not whole shoe.
All orthopedic problems are effects of junk shoes....PERIOD.
Every orthopedic doctor in Europe will confirm that.

High arch shoes for a one year old toddler

Pronation best supportive sandals


Svetlana from Malibu, CA  -  29/07/2017

Great sandals and orthopedic. Finally visible arch support in a little sandal. I checked out all the shoes for kids locally and honestly USA has horrible quality shoes in general - kids included. I searched on-line because in the end I wanted to ask my mother to mail them from Ukraine. We do not place cheap shoes with no support on kids as they affect the posture and they develop their feet. No one seems to get it in USA, even people in the local stores in Malibu that sell that chinese junk. Amazing!

Cindy - Indiana, US  -  13/07/2017

Flexible, light and very durable..Was hesitant because of the cost but they are phenomenal sandals for my son. They made a world of difference in his walking and I see benefits of it.

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