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Best shoes for supination for kids
Reverse to pronation since kids feet in are turned outwards at the ankles.
Supination rises the arch, heel and make the foot more rigid.
Foot with high arch always supinates.
Foot with supination lacks stability and flexibility and shock absorbtion.
When ankles turn deform is is due to none supportive shoes worn by a child.
Shoes are so important for kids - if parent see 3D of posture and how they impact whole body
Then they would understand that they are not saving any money by buying shoes of low quality.
Whole human body is affected by shoes so only best shoes are need to be worn by kids.
If feet are collapsing then the whole body gait shifts.
Every doctor will tell you that in Europe, not in USA - since business of orthodics cannot be interrupted.
Child is pronating and pigeon toe and pediatrician tells you that this will correct it by itself as the child grows.
Sorry how is that going to happen when feet are not supported?
With crocks, keens, nike shoes, UGS?
Totally not true - by wearing such garbage child feet are destroyed and deformed.
That is why in Europe no child wears cheap shoes - only orthopedic shoes as those.
Those are snow boots but they are light, orthopedic, arch supportive with proper heel and ankle supportNo cheap foot deforming feet is ever produced in Europe.
Footwear is regulated for kids and it have to be manufactured locally and othopedic.
Result is correctly formed feet and posture.

Supination ankle supportive boots boys

Wool lined snow boots for kids


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Steven G - St. Paul MN 2020-03-06 21:41:03

Very good, superb matter of fact and totally waterproof. Will buy them again next season if son wore them to death literally and they held up great for 8 months of winter here.