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Best shoes for toe walkers

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Brands Krakus

Product Code: Oris Blue

  • SKU: 55-78569
  • Best shoes for toe walkers
    Sturdy with proper reinforced heel for a child
    Child will stop toe walking in them over time.
    Just wear sturdy quality high tops as those
    Don't rotate them with local none supportive shoes
    Why since child need constant heel support and if you use none supportive shoes
    You will never see any improvement.
    The reason why the shoes have special reinforced heel is that by wearing them re-alignment of ankles takes place.
    Those lovely shoes have it all- ortho support and good soles.
    Shoes as those will correctly form your baby's feet, they need them for proper foot development.
    They take care of any orthopedic issues child have since they are ortho shoes.

    Ankle support best sneakers for kids

    Weak ankles best support high top shoes


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