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Brand: Biomecanics

Product Code: Musolini Blue

Best shoes to correct and stop pigeon toe in boys

High back supportive boys leather ortho sneakers.
Best orthopedic with velcro closings for flat feet
Blue/navy leather and just best for casual everyday wear.

High in a back for ankle pronation.
They are soft at the soles with proper arches and none sweat soles.
Sole is biomecanical designed by Biomecanics Institute of Valencia.
Designed and made by team of orthopedic doctors.
Absolute best sneakers that you can buy with ankle supportive heel and soles.

Shoes for a child have to be with support, if they are not and low quality baby will end up with deformed feet.
Europe produces only ortho shoes and they are the best.
Yes, they are expensive but not as expensive as orthodics, as doctors visits.
Also, once feet are deformed improvement could be only made.
Therefore invest in best shoes for your child with proper support.

Blue leather high arch boys shoes from Spain

Sneakers that slide easily on child's foot


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