Ankle high boys ortho sneakers from Spaun

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Brand: Biomecanics

Product Code: Guven Gray/Yellow

Best sandals for new walker from Spain
Perfect for a toddler with wide feet and high instep.
Sturdy ankle support in this model so they are perfect for ankle pronation in kids
Closed ankle, stable soles and arches present inside.
Padded back for total comfort and soft soles.
Type of sneaker that every baby should wear.
Foot forming best sandals for new walkers.
Quality ortho shoes at best since shoes form kids feet,
Avoid shoes from low cost countries since they deform baby's feet.
When you see ankles collapsing and child develops pigeon toes
It is due to the shoes it has been wearing.
Only Europe has best shoes for babies and they are the ortho ones.
No low quality shoes is ever produced there.

Tip toe walking stop orthopedic sneakers for a child

Hard bottoms best arch support shoes


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