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Best snow boots for toddler
Quality lined with waterproof Te-Por membrane best for deep snow.
Warm wool added to the inside of the boot.
Orthopedic best with reinforced heel
Cute color blue with turquoise line added.
Kids snow boots for
ankle pronation featuring reinforced supported back of the boot for toddler.
Those snow toddler snow boots are light in weight as a feather.
That is needed for toddler since snow toddler snow boots cannot be heavy.
Heavy rubber will shift toddler gait and they will pigeon toe
We see it all the time in the store that kids wear snow boot made out of rubber weights more then the toddler itself.
Why so heavy and rubber? Snow boot does not have to be made out of rubber to be waterproof.
Quite opposite - leather and waterproof lining inside - and they never leak any water.

Proper snow toddler snow boots for a toddler are important
Like leather shoes they form kids feet.
We in Europe buy the best one possible and certified by orthopedic society,
No cheap heavy snow toddler snow boots for a toddler.

Ankle boots for boys or girls

Kids bots for ankle pronation.


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Tina 2014-10-03 13:24:47

Absolutely perfect, perfect shoe for average width foot. Thank you for suggesting them to me and couple of others that work out so well. Truly quality, supportive shoes for a child. Nothing of such caliber could be found here in Texas. I got Stride Rite shoes at first in our local mall but those shoes have no support of any kind plus they all so wide and feet smell in them horribly. Stride Rite shoes are pure crap theses days and no support. All made in China as one might guess. I got few pairs from you and they are wonderful@ support is great, quality and leather top notch. I will be buying shoes from you until my child grows up.