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Product Code: Dundos Gray

Quality Kids Shoes | High Arches and Ankle Support

Searching for flat feet support boys shoes leather walkers, look no longer.
They are perfect supportive shoes for a toddler with good arch support. 
They are pain preventive best orthopedic shoes for toddlers
They offer best heel support, ankle support good orthopedic arch for walking.
Easy on and off style with double velcro.
They fit perfect toddler with regular to wide feet.
Children's arch support with flat feet best leather shoes that you can buy.
Posture corrective kids footwear for kids with weak ankles
Those are made in Europe out of best gray and green leather and they made to perfection according to orthopedic standards.
Orthopedic Ministry of Health regulates entire footwear industry where they only allow best supportive shoes for kids that are made locally in Europe.
Local European production only and no shoes from low cost countries are allowed for sale
Only European shoes are orthopedic with best support
Leather have to be processed in Europe without usage of toxic chemicals
They have to feature locally made orthopedic rubber soles that hold arch support in them.

Soles never come from low cost Asian countries on any genuine European shoes.
They are made in Europe only by one of 4 leading companies that specializes in fitting children soles and adding proper arch support.
Arch support is added to the soles and lining goes on the top for child's comfort.
Rubber orthopedic soles never go flat in any of the shoes so child's foot is always supported in comfort while they walking, running and jumping.


Accept no shoes made in China as they destroy and deform your kids flat feet.
If your child is pigeon toed, pronated it is caused by cheap none supportive shoes from China...there is no other cause.
Avoid them like a plaque since they deform kids feet over time.
Europe makes the best walkers for kids since the only ones sold are orthopedic ones.
Only supportive best as those since they form kids feet and prevent flat feet.
Don't think of "just" sneakers for a child, we in Europe think of shoes as product that form kids feet and posture so they have to be absolute best
We do not have medicine for profit like in USA so money is spent on good footwear for a child, not orthodics, AFO, SMO for already deformed and pronated feet.
Every European foot doctor and pediatrician will mention importance of good orthopedic support for a child to any parent of a small child
Good sneakers support kids feet and give them ankle and foot support they do need.
It is money well spent since child wears those sneakers for entire 5-6 months.
It is best to buy 2 pairs of good walkers per season then closet full of junk shoes that destroy kids feet.
Those little shoes are top quality and solidly made with actual arch support and ankle support to prevent pronation.
They feature great arch support, flexible soles with good traction.
Orthopedic support best that every growing and developing foot does need.
Those walkers are not just for flat footed child, they are for all children in general since every child does need quality footwear.
Little feet are formed by type of shoes child wears so it is important that they wear best shoes as those.
Little feet can be formed and shaped by shoes child wears so it is important that they are absolute best quality.

Gray ortho sneakers for a boy with arches

Pronation preventive kids sneakers


Justin, TX - 11/09/2019

Honestly best profiled shoes that I ever bought for a child. Period! Ankles were collapsing in cheap shoes from China since in USA no quality shoes for kids could be found. Searched online and those folks were very helpful. Size was good from first order. Durable well made shoes - they truly are. I see my son better walks in them and over time as they explained to me will align and fix his feet.

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