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Brand: Dawid

Product Code: Maslo White

Best white ankle high top girls sandals

Best white high top girls sandals
Foot pronation and flat feet preventive
Has all the makings of orthopedic sandal for child.
Closed back, stiff back support for weak ankles.
Good arches in the soles none sweat insole.
Absolute best and quality leather sandals from Europe.

White natural leather with colorful flowers.
Type that all girls wear in Europe for absolute foot support
Europe never produces low quality shoes for kids - none of the Euro countries
The reason for that is that footwear for kids is viewed as medical product that child truly needs.
If shoes are low quality with no support, plastic or some other garbage made in China then child will end up wit deformed feet.
Just go to local park or school, observe how pronated and pigeon toed kids feet are in USA
Then you can conclude that we Europeans are 100% correct.
Don't listen to any local pediatrician or foot doctor - they tell you child will grow out of it,
How do you grow out of ankles turning inwards?
How do you grown out of pigeon toes?
How do you grow out of flat feet?
Orthodics - yes, business of selling orthodics is huge in USA
Problem is that once you destroy your kids feet no orthodics will create any difference.
Just some foot improvement and only those made by doctor, not the ones bought in a store.
You can only align kids feet and get rid of pigeon toe, ankle pronation with best orthopedic shoes or sandals.
They only kind made in Europe, not copies made in China that internet is full of.

Shoes are the key here - proper orthopedic shoes for child and only those made in Europe.

White leather high top sandals for kids

Flat foot best quality sandals


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