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Soft walking leather sneakers for a toddler

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Brands Biomecanics

Product Code: Lumez Gray

  • SKU: 55-56
  • Biomecanics kids sneakers from Spain
    Leather sneakers for a child with good arch and very flexible biomecanical soles
    Orthopedic soft and best for walking and running.
    Orthopedic ankle high with reinforced heel for pronation best support.
    Manufactured in Spain for children.

    Gray, olive and charcoal leather color so neutral and matches anything.
    Good arch support present orthopedic Biomecanics sneakers for kids.
    High arch sneakers for boys with none sweat antibacterial soles present.
    Will not sweat in those Biomecanics shoes, even extra hot weather.
    Perfect to wear any season since those shoes absorb sweat from kids feet.
    Tested to perfection in hot or rainy cold weather.
    Those are proper Biomecanics sneakers for any child with best arch and heel support that every child does need to end up with well formed feet and posture.
    We had countless of children in those super Biomecanics sneakers and they well best in them.
    The sole is anatomic and made in Spain and created in biomecanical institute in Spain.
    Those Biomecanics sneakers support feet, posture and back of the foot to perfection. 
    Child wears them daily and no smelly sweaty feet ever coming out of those good sneakers. 
    Leather is soft and well processed without usage of mercury.
    Leather from China always has traces of mercury in it so avoid shoes made in China in general.
    They are not supportive and leather is full of chemicals.
    Those chemical are against your skin so you can imagine exposure to heavy metals.
    In Europe processing of leather is a regulated process that does not allow mercury.
    Those are best appropriate Biomecanics sneakers set as orthopedic with highest standards that are made in Europe not China.

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