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Brand: Krakus

Product Code: Aria Blue

European special leather sneakers girls orthopedic

Blue leather European orthopedic sneakers girls
Perfect leather sneakers for a child with actual support
Great ankle support present to prevent weak ankles and pronation.
Reinforced heel that will keep pronated feet in a packet and stable.
Orthopedic arches present with none sweat soles
Arch support is added to the soles of those cool sneakers
Sole has the arch not the lining, so they are never flat since rubber sole never goes flat
The sole keep foot and ankle supported at all times.
Good anti sweat soles inside so no smelly feet in them ever
Even if child wears them barefoot the feet will be dry.
Blue, white and pink smooth leather.
Top sneaker - honestly type that every child should wear since they develop their feet and posture.
Avid any sneakers sold in USA - they are pure junk and deform and destroy your kids feet and posture.
Problem with them is that they are made in China out of low quality materials
They are not measured correctly and does not provide any foot support.
All they do is destroy and deform kids feet and posture.
If your child is pronated or pigeon toed - that is a result of wearing low quality shoes.
Buy original European made shoes (not Chinese copies of European shoes) and watch your kids feet re-align and transform

Girls ankle turning shoes for toddlers

High arch support new walker shoes for a child.


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