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Brand: Biomecanics

Product Code: Toria Navy

Blue leather school shoes for girls

Perfect blue leather school shoes for a girl
Made in Spain by Biomecanics out of blue soft lamb leather.
Feature Biomechanical support sole that it is best for daily wear.
Top quality Biomecanics school shoe - nothing else better out there.
We sell many of them every school season.
Expensive school footwear but quality is top notch quality.
Classic look for a Biomecanics youth that any girl will appreciate.
No decorations on them - just plain durable school mary janes.
None sweat soles inside with breathable leather lining.
Orthopedic arch in the sole present, none sweat antibacterial innersoles.
Ankle supportive at its best so they prevent pronation.
Comfortable and durable one of a kind girls shoes.
Child can wear them literally entire year and they will look like brand new.
Youth feet grow and form up to age 15 so quality mary janes for a teen are a must!
Kids feet form due to shoes they wear so spent money on good shoes.
Try them, you will be shocked how well those mary janes  perform during wear.
It is a classic shoe for us and we buy them every year for school season.
Every child like them due to fit and comfort so they can wear them to school entire year.
If we can pick one classic school shoe that is comfortable, durable and well made that will be that model.
They are resistant to scratches, tears, scrapes, sole is soft and durable yet they are supportive and very well made.

Leather blue school shoes for a girl from Spain

Orthopedic best leather blue shoes for a child


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