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Boiled wool boys velcro slippers

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Brands Bopi

Product Code: Atoto Blue

  • SKU: 66-78954212
  • Boiled wool slippers for a baby
    Ankle pronation best slippers for baby
    They offer reinforced heel that keeps pronated ankles in a packet
    The more child wears this type of house shoes or leather shoes the better.
    Over time they will align their feet, posture and feet.
    Reforming kids feet is a process and takes time
    Kids feet are shaped by the type of shoes they wear.
    We call them orthopedic shoes in Europe.
    There is line of slippers for kids made and they are also orthopedic.
    No cheap shoes with zero support are allowed for sale in any European country.
    Kids shoes and slippers are considered foot forming product.
    Deformed feet kids best house shoes with actual heel support.
    Pronation preventive house shoes for children
    Car slippers for your little child, adorable and best quality you can buy.
    Made out of blue velvet and warm wool.
    Decorated with colorful cars.
    Velcro close.

    High arch inside.
    No sweat feet in those ortho slippers.

    Easy slip on wool slippers for toddlers

    Car slippers for your little child, adorable and best quality


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    Grazyna Streamwood, IL 2017-01-14 13:43:33

    Best supportive slippers for a child that I got, honestly. Support is best and they fit well. Got them back in September and till this day I am amazed how well they hold up. Will buy a pair next year for sure. I like the shoes I got as well. Thanks,