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Boiled wool toddler slippers for winter

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  • Boiled wool toddler slippers for winter
    Foot problem kids best house shoes for boys.
    Wool is a natural material so toddlers feet will never sweat in those shoes.
    Arches, heel supportive sole absolute best ortho slippers.
    Decorated with a knight.
    Slippers are important for kids as well
    It is best if foot for a baby is supported at all times
    Arches, ankle support, soft sole where foot is elevated in proper position.
    They offer proper ankle support when child is walking so ankles are not turning inwards.

    Boiled wool kids slippers from France

    Toddler house shoes with arches


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    Tammy San Jose CA 2013-10-18 13:39:07

    I love these slippers and so does my 2 year old grandson. If I would let him, he would wear these all day, every day. He needed slippers that wouldn't come off his feet when walking or running. The adjustable Velcro ankle strap keeps them on nicely without being constricting. Also, nonslip soles another plus. Will definitely buy another pair when he grows out of these.

    Janet Ayers - Las Vegas 2013-09-24 02:11:47

    Kinga - thanks for shipping them so quickly to Vegas. I always buys shoes from you when I visit my mom in Hinsdale. Every holiday we there we always visit with children. We have been your customers for 7 years now and your store is filled with best quality shoes. Keep up the good work! Ms. Janet Ayers

    J.C - Maine, US 2013-08-02 15:27:25

    Cool and well made slippers for a child. Great wool inside and that arch inside is amazing. This is exactly what I wanted for my son. They worth the money - 100000%. Thanks you - again your return customer, Jesica D.