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Brand: Murek

Product Code: Luisiana Purple

Boots for 5 years old girl with arches orthopedic

Boots for a 5 year old girl with arches
Weak ankles correction boots with support
Best boots for ankle pronation in kids.
Corrective orthopedic and absolute  best for kids.
Lovely purple soft sheep leather decorated with flower.
Waterproof also for rainy weather.
Cause of all kids feet problems are cheap none supportive shoes.
Pigeon toes, ankle pronation, supination, flat feet are cause of cheap shoes.
Cheap shoes are all shoes imported from low cost countries.
Keens, Crocks, UGS, any shoes with zero support.
Parents think that shoes are shoes - does not matter children change them every few months.
Actually, not true.
Shoes are VERY IMPORTANT for posture, body gait and foot development.
Children wear shoes entire season - meaning 5-6 months if they fitted correctly.
They only need 2 pairs of good shoes per season.
That is what we do in Europe and it works well.
Effect are obvious - no kids with deformed feet, no kids with pigeon toes, no kids with collapsed ankles.
That is a pay off and we do pay for those shoes in Europe as well - they never been cheap or imported from low cost countries.
They are made locally in Europe according to orthopedic standards set by European Ministry of Health

Best boots for ankle pronation in kids

Weak ankles correction boots with support


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