Boots for a toddler wool lined that are waterproof

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Brand: Murek

Product Code: Lester Gray

Boots for a toddler that are waterproof
Tall below the knee snow boots for a child fashion orthopedic
Heel supportive snow boots for a boys
Blue and gray leather.
Perfect snow boots for a child.
Light, flexible with profiled soles.
Gortex mix with warm wool, what could be better then those for winter.
European snow boots are absolutely the best for posture, fit and orthopedic support.
Only kind we wear in Europe and end up with perfect feet and posture as adults.
Kids feet can only be formed when their feet are growing and forming.
All orthopedic problems can be avoided with good shoes as those.
Boots for a child cannot be clunky and heavy as they deform kids feet and body gait.

Please those boots are lined with wool so go up a size in them. 

Heel supportive snow boots for a girls

Snow boots for a child fashion orthopedic


Tamara - Ontario Canada - 19/01/2019

Best snow boots that I ever had for my child! We get so much snow here in Canada so usually I have two pairs for rotation since we have serious snow here for 7 months. I had every major brand of snow boots available locally and many European brands as well. I rate those boots among the best quality ones and they are in fact waterproof and snowproof, light and flexible. My son wears them non stop daily and he likes them a lot. I like the thick wool inside that totally isolates the boots. The leather on them is top quality as well. Very impressed with them and I will definitely buy that brand again since they tested so well here. Thank you for shipping to Canada - shoes here are expensive and there is not that many European ones. They are far more expensive then you sell them so I stick with your website for my kids shoes. Thank you Tamara.

Petra C from MH - 09/07/2017

This boot is like SUPREME quality - honestly. Soft, flexible and beautiful. They have natural sheep wool inside - amazing. They are comfortable as well (I am told that by my soon). I like the look and design on them as well.

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