Brown soft leather boys boots from Europe

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Brand: Murek

Product Code: Zolato Brown

Boots for boys made in Europe
Absolute best with all the orthopedic features present
Children need such boots so their feet will form correctly
They also assist in restoring feet with pronation, flat feet and pigeon toes.
Collapsing ankles proper ortho boots for children.
Made in Europe out of best leather.
Brown, blue in color with hint of white and red.

Pronation best ankle support fix best support boots
They feature ankle reinforced heel support that is added to the heel of this super boot
That feature alone assist in ankle pronation and pigeon toe condition.
Fixing over pronation in kids is only achievable with genuine, European orthopedic boots.
Made out of the best quality smooth lamb leather.
Arches present inside, and antibacterial innersoles inside so no sweaty smelly feet ever in those cool boots.
Best traction rubber soles for running.
Will not scuff since front sole is covered with rubber.
Soles are sprayed with gray tint to hide any dirt from gray soles.

Fixing overpronation in kids feet best shoes

High top orthopedic boots for a child


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