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Brand: Agatha Ruiz de la Prada

Product Code: Galiga Gray

Shoes for girls that are designer from Spain

Boots for girls in natural tones that are guaranteed to get noticed
Lovely silver leather and white,pink,blue mix leather only combo decorated with logos.
Leather inside and out with double velcro close.
Handsome high top sneakers from Spain
Orthopedic best as they should be for growing and developing feet.
Antibacterial innersoles inside so feet will never sweat in those shoes.
Feet will not smell in those either.
Ortho arches in the soles
This shoe is manufactured by Agatha Ruiz de la Prada.
Top quality designer shoes for a child.
Has all the support present that it is needed for small developing feet.
Ankle support best for a child with walking problems.
Made in Spain out of quality leather with good ortho arch added to the sole.
Back of the shoe is supported so heel stays in a packet.
They have to be quality and orthopedic.
European Ministry of Health regulates footwear for kids.
Thus no cheap shoes from China ever.
Did you know that shoes form and support kids feet and posture.
Shoes for children forming their feet, body gait and posture.
So if cheap none supportive shoes are worn as a child then child will develop orthopedic problems.
Pigeon toe, pronation, flat feet overpronation, supination is caused by garbage shoes worn as child.
Did you know that USA is the biggest importer of shoes from China and low cost countries.
Problem with that is they are not supportive and not orthopedic and they destroy and deform your children's feet.
Therefore, don't think that shoes for kids are just shoes - cheap ones are ok since they grow out of them.
Well, problem with that is they will end up with deformed pronated feet.
In Europe, medical orthopedic society proven over and over what shoes do to kids forming feet.
Therefore, every parent will not even think of buying cheap none supportive shoes for a child.
They buy 2 pairs of quality shoes for entire season and after that another 2 pairs for another 6 months.
4 pairs of good supportive shoes for children per year.
The money spent on those shoes is considered well spent since they support kids feet correctly.
As a result no orthopedic problems when child is growing.

Best high top sneakers for girls with weak ankles

Colorful leather quality shoes for children


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