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Pink boots to correct pigeon toes in kids

Deformed feet best orthopedic boots toddlers

Boots stabilize kids feet when walking and running


Ed from WA  -  13/08/2020

Perfect for Fall season, cute for a girl. My wife was even impressed where I got them. Boots have great support, flexibility, heel support as needed. I have been a client for 2 years now and those shoes TRANSFORMED my girls feet completely. No more pigeon toes, no collapsed ankles - fixed. She been wearing shoes from this store only and we usually order 2 pairs for rotation for each season. No more cheap shoes from China since as I was told by those folks they deform and destroy kids feet. They are absolutely correct here since that is how my daughter became pigeon toed and her ankles were turning also. It was from local cheap shoes she been wearying as baby and toddler. Honesty we have the worst shoes here in USA for kids, I never knew that but comparing to European shoes is like day and night.

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