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Pink boots to correct pigeon toes in kids

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Brands Murek

Product Code: Deco Fuschia

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  • Boots to correct pigeon toes in kids.
    Deformed feet
    best orthopedic boots toddlers.
    Boots feature high ankle support, heel support and best orthopedic arch.
    They stabilize kids feet when walking, standing and running.
    Over time the ankle will begun to align and pigeon toe improves, and aligns the foot to correct position.
    The muscles, joints will align in correct position by wearing those supportive shoes.
    Pigeon toes are result of wearing low quality shoes only
    Make sure that you do not rotate them between low quality and high quality ones.
    Make child wear only supportive, European shoes since they are truly corrective ones.
    High ankle boots, sandals and even sneakers since they all feature supportive heel that keeps feet positioned correctly.
    Fuchsia-pink patent leather and decorated with flowers.
    Has all the makings of ortho shoe for a child.

    Deformed feet best orthopedic boots toddlers

    Boots that stabilize kids feet when walking, standing and running.


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    Ed from WA 2015-08-13 22:13:04

    Closed toe style, light, quality and great support. Perfect for a Fall season. Adorable color and style. My wife was even impressed where I got them. Boots have great support, flexibility, heel support as needed. I have been a client for 2 years now and those shoes TRANSFORMED my girls foot completely. No pigeon toes, no collapsed ankles - fixed. Honesty we have the worst shoes here in USA for kids, I never knew that but comparing to European shoes is like day and night.