Boots to stop toe walking for kids with weak ankles

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Boots to stop toe walking for kids
Heel supportive ortho boots for kids that will correct foot alignment over time and yes, child will stop tip toe walking.
Child needs heel supportive shoes that all European shoes do have (those made in Europe not China).
Ankle is reinforced with stiffer soles that causes the joints to adjust and stop tipe toe walking over time.
Orthopedic shoes is the only ones that kids wear in Europe.
No child wears none supportive shoes, all of them are with proper arch and ankle support.
Shoes for kids shape and mold kids feet, align the feet and support the posture.
If child wears none supportive shoes they will end up with deformed feet.
Place orthopedic shoes as those on your child.
It is worth it since child can avoid any orthopedic problems by wearing best supportive shoes.
European kids wear only best shoes possible made out of leather with orthopedic support.
No shoes are manufactured flat, none supportive, none leather - no such thing in any European country.
Shoes for kids are viewed as foot supportive and developmental need.
It is not fashion in any way.
They cost money in Europe as well - not cheap - on no no, since people who manufacture them they gets paid living wages.
Quality shoes cost money to make and fit - time consuming process.
Those boots are not exception, they are great - well made, waterproof.
Lined with gortex and wool so they never will soak water.
Child can wear them anyplace and feet will be warm protected and never sweat.
Look at images of popular snow boots - are they support kids feet?
Well, actually it is quite opposite they deform kids feet causing pigeon toes, ankle pronation and collapsed feet.
Kids feet get deformed and destroyed with cheap shoes, it is a known fact - every European foot doctor will tell you that.
Unfortunately not in USA since there is a business of orthodics here so why it should be interrupted.
Orthodics will create some improvement (those made by doctor) but they never restore the foot to healthy condition.
Good supportive shoes or boots for a child that is a foot forming and supporting tool you need.

Please those boots are lined with wool so go up a size in them. 

Heel supportive ortho boots for kids

The boots are totally lined with sheep natural wool.


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