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Girls bow legs sandals with high arch

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Brands Krakus

Product Code: Dziuba Purple

SKU: 55-785689563

Bow legs best kids sandals with good arch support
Fisherman style sandals best for support yet still open toes.

Best ankle support, high arch, heel support for bow legs.
High top sandals are best for ankle support as well.
Feet will begin to align quickly since foot is supported.

Child can run in them walk and be comfortable even at extra hot weather.

Why? Leather is a breathable material only suitable for shoes

Also those sandals feature anti sweat soles - so no SMELLY FEET ever.

Kids feet sweat double then adults - did you know that?
Therefore quality shoes are a must to correct this foot condition.
Pronation best with sturdy ankle alignment
and support. 
Fully adjustable for child with high instep or wide feet.
They will fit regural feet as well since sole is measured well.
Those are best orthopedic sandals for a child that you can buy.
They are purple and beige in color with small flowers on the side.
Comfortable best quality sandals for a child made in Europe with best leather used.

Pronation best with sturdy ankle alignment and support

Comfortable even at extra hot weather


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Lilly, Charleston, NC 2013-01-11 09:43:42

Best sandals with high ankle support and good arch support. My daughter has severe ankle pronation and those shoes literally transformed her feet. Matter of fact all the shoes I got from you she only wore and it took some time and they DID aligned her feet. It took time since it is a process but she pronates much much less. It has been only a year but I do see huge improvement. Now, I see what is the fuss about those shoes and why they cost so much. Quality and orthopedic support = something we do not have in this country, only crap from China. I will continue to buy shoes from you till my daughter grows up. Thanks again.