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Boys comfort ortho sandals from Europe

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Manufacturer Dawid

Product Code: Moon Gray

  • SKU: 55-785896
  • Tags:  closed back tall sandals

    Boys comfort sandals from Europe.
    Yes, proper ankle high boys sandals with great
    Gray, beige and orange leather.
    High back support style for comfort and best fit.
    Has all the features of ortho sandal for a child
    Orthopedic arches inside, ankle high with reinforced heel for ankle pronation.
    Child will never sweat in those sandals either due to special innersoles that absorb sweat from kids feet.
    There will be no blisters to kids feet either since they are padded inside.
    In Europe we only put such quality shoes on our kids
    Result is perfect formed feet and posture
    Europe does not produces low quality shoes at all
    Since shoes are viewed by parents and pediatricians as developmental need for a child.
    Feet carry entire human body so if they are pronated, pigeon toed with problems
    As an adult person will experience pain in knees, feet, posture since body gait will shift.

    Support best boys sandals with arches

    Flat foot high arch sandals for boys


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