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Boys sandals with ankle support for foot forming

Boys sandals with ankle support for foot forming
Tall ankle high designed to support weak pronated ankles.
If child pronates or it is pigeon toed it is caused by cheap shoes from China with no ankle support.
Foot turning inwards and ankles collapsing?
Choose those shoes, you will be shocked how well they align kids feet.
Child wears them and over time his feet begun to straighten.
Only sandals made in Europe will fix your kids feet
Why, since they are made orthopedic with actual support.
Any shoe, sandal, sneaker sold in USA is not orthopedic, not supportive and it is literally deforming and destroying kids feet.
Shoes type of Keens, Merrels, Crocks, Nike, cheap sneakers are the worst kind.
Avoid them at all cost they are total garbage and over time destroy kids posture, feet, ankles and total posture alignment.
Those sandals are made in Europe out of quality leather.
Even they cover the ankles they will not cause any blisters or discomfort for a child.
We sell them to hottest places in USA - Arizona, California where kids wear them for most of the year.
They feature reinforced ankle support that will keep ankles supported and aligned.
Good orthopedic arches that are added to the soles of the model.
None sweat soles that absorb sweat from kids feet.
Soft soles best for running and jumping and total comfort.
Easy on and off with double velcro straps for adjustment.
Those are proper sandals for a child with pronation
Just do not rotate them with cheap sneakers since you never see any improvement.
2 pairs of supportive shoes are needed per season
So choose those sandals and supportive sneakers as second pair and you set for the whole season of 5-6 months.

Ankle supportive for boys with weak ankles for kids

Flat foot best support sandals for kids


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