Closed Toe Boys Orthopedic Sandals

Kids orthopedic sandals for flat feet

Tall sandals for ankle support with closed backs

Bizon Red

Please Note: this style runs small so order size up...

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Bryon Beige

Durable kids sandals with good arch and ankle support. Best for weak pronated ankles, proper ankle support for severe pronation sandals.Offer ortho support in..

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Bryon Charcoal

Wide width high instep sandals for boyCorrective medical wide sandals for child with weak anklesBest for child with pronation and ankles turning inwardsOrthop..

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Bryon Gray

Sandals for knocked knees in kids.Best for regural to wide feet.Leather used gray, plead and orange colors. Shoes for a toddler with weak ankles and flat feet..

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Size Child

Buy orthopedic kids sandals that are best for boys wide feet and high instep since European shoes offer wide toe box soles. Toddler boys wide sandals are well made and offer best foot support that every child needs. Tall sandals for ankle support designed to keep weak ankles straight and properly elevated to diminish pronation. When child wears them over time those sandals provide necessary foot support and literally transform child's feet. Boys never get any blisters or get hot while wearing those sandals with closed backs since they are made out of best leathers and they feature antibacterial innersoles that absorb sweat from little feet. They are simply the best orthopedic sandals for toddlers since they truly provide desired outcome and correct kids feet and posture. In Europe they are viewed as health product since every child does need best kids sandals.

European sandals for toddlers with flat feet feature arches that are added into the sole of every model. Orthopedic arches are contoured to every rubber sole that never goes flat so foot is supported at all times. This shoe manufacture technology was invented by Italian producers back in 2005 and after being approved by European Orthopedic Ministry of Health is widely used by all children shoe manufacturers. This is much better technology then previous one where arches were added to the interior lining of the sandal. The bump was there when sandal was new but once worn by a child it diminished and disappeared from foot oils. Therefore, "arches in a soles" are the best and latest orthopedic shoe invention in European children shoe industry. European kids sandals are offered as open and closed toe boys orthopedic sandals and they all feature ankle high support and orthopedic arches present. They are podiatrist recommended kids sandals since in Europe that is what doctors use to correct ankle pronation, pigeon toes, tip toe walking and bow legs so quality footwear is a clear choice here. Europe does not have a healthcare for profit so money is spent on quality, orthopedic footwear versus on medical therapy, orthodics, and doctors visits. Supportive sandals for kids is the therapy that every child does need so their feet and posture develops correctly.