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Canvas house shoes for children
Narrow feet best house shoes for a child
Arches present and inside orthopedic bubbles promoting blood circulation of little feet.
Great walking soles for comfort.
Classic kids slippers for kids
Both boys and girls can wear them
Made in Europe with actual support and best foot forming features.

Navy house shoes for boys best for narrow feet

Flat foot best good arch house shoes


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Jenn - Mom from Pa 2013-10-08 19:25:45

Good traction on those and they have flexible rubber soles. The velcro is easy on and off and good support inside. I ordered them size bigger and they fit OK with some growing room. Nothing like European quality. Thanks,

Steven - Chicago,IL 2013-07-16 16:30:42

Perfect house slippers with great support. My son liked them and wore them entire winter. They did not fall apart and held up pretty good for non stop wear. We wore them entire year without any problems. This is called European quality - durable and well made. I just ordered another pair that we will wear in a Fall and pair of school shoes. Great store with quality shoes - something we are lacking in USA.

Dennis M from Maine 2012-03-09 15:42:52

Great quality. My son wore them entire 7 months and not even single threat came out of them. They look amazing after constant daily wear. Totally worth the money.