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Ankle boots for girl with pronation

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Brands Murek

Product Code: Suria Lavender

  • SKU: 55-5589
  • Child ankle support leather boots
    Best for correcting ankles turning inwards
    They will stop kids foot pain as well due to ortho soles present.
    Boots feature ankle support, stable heel, good walking soles and proper support.
    Type of a leather boot that every child wears for feet problems or in general to prevent any feet issues.
    Lavender/pink leather and decorated with hearts.
    Child will never sweat in those boots to special soles that filtrate kids feet and prevent sweating.
    Best stable soles used for comfort in walking.
    Absolute best for a child
    This is a type of boot that every child wears in Europe
    Since kids wear only supportive boots - with actual support.
    Good supportive shoes are needed for kids as their feet are forming
    Avoid cheap commonly sold in USA junk shoes with no support
    They causing the damage to kids feet slowly deforming kids feet.
    USA does not sell or manufacture proper supportive shoes for children.
    Even popular brand Stride Rite has their shoes made in China these days, they are not orthopedic nor supportive.
    Used to they had their shoes made in Spain but not anymore since 2001 they bring them from China to save on the cost.
    They are as good as Walmart shoes for kids.
    European shoes are the best for kids feet - period.

    Shoes for flat footed toddler girl

    High top ankle support leather boots


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