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Children brown corrective leather shoes

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Brands Remut

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  • Children corrective leather shoes
    Orthopedic velcro shoes for girls
    Nice brown leather and cut outs
    Best for medium to narrow feet.
    Has all the features of ortho shoe.
    Back support, arches, soft soles.
    Best shoes for child as they should be
    Kids shoes form their feet and body gait
    Therefore buy only supportive shoes for your child.
    Shoes from low production countries are made out of cheap materials
    They are not orthopedic at all.
    Over time child will develop feet problems.
    This is due to the shoes - nothing else.
    Every doctor will tell you that in Europe.
    Not in USA - why since USA has a business of orthodics and doctors visits.
    Total miss information for a parent saying that shoes does not matter for child.
    Bunch of baloney....we are Europeans ourselves and we grew up wearing such shoes.
    So we can confirm they form and support kids feet correctly, there are generations of kids in Europe that grew up on those shoes and they all have well formed feet and posture.
    Kids feet and posture in Europe is perfect on every child, why - it is not genetics, it is the SHOES.
    Quality shoes with good arch, ankle support and they viewed as foot forming product
    Just ask yourself how does shoe made out of rubber or no support could be good for growing and forming feet.
    It is not - deforms the foot completely and destroys the spine, feet and body gait.

    Orthopedic velcro shoes for girls

    Good arch weak ankles best girls shoes


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    Samatha C - 2013-10-01 18:13:33

    Great profiled shoe for a child. Finally a shoe with a visible arch support and well made. I had several pairs of Renbut and those shoes are truly amazing. The quality of the leather and durability is truly amazing. Totally worth the money. My child wears them non stop 8-9 months and they look basically brand new. This is European quality at its best!

    Danika - Palo Alto, CA 2012-10-03 09:49:17

    Dressy or casual shoe, well made with great support inside......My kid says they comfy and she wears them to school everyday.