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Children footwear with best support for foot correction

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Brands Krakus

Product Code: Puzio Brown

  • SKU: 7845785
  • Children footwear with best support for foot correction
    Custom made snow boots for us in Europe with best support.
    Best brand of boots for a child for winter - literally they are the best.
    They are beige/brown in color with ultra soft soles.
    Velcro and side zipper.
    Protected with sympatex waterproof material and thick natural wool inside.
    Best top quality durable snow boots for child with profiled soles.
    Even snow boots for kids are orthopedic.
    No low grade shoes
    are ever produced in Europe.
    They form and shape their feet so quality are a must.
    Avoid none supportive boots for your child they will destroy their feet.
    UGS are soft in the back and have oversized soles, they will cause pigeon toes and ankle pronation.
    Rubber boots - they are too heavy will deform kids body gait when child is wearing them.
    For boot to be waterproof it does not mean to be made with heavy rubber. Absolutely not.

    Custom made shoes for kids in Europe with best support

    Soft sole baby boots for snow


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