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Children's orthodic boots to correct fallen ankles

Children's orthodic boots to correct fallen ankles.
Boots for kids to improve the posture.

They feature reinforced heel - heel counter that is effective in ankle pronation.
When child walks heel stays in a packet and it is supported at all times.
Brown in color with a hint of olive color leather.
The boots are waterproof and snow proof lined with special gortex protection .
Wool inside so feet are ultra comfy.
Orthopedic arches present since no flat boots in Europe is ever produced.
Footwear for kids is only produced in Europe and it is orthopedic.
Fallen ankles best - yes they feature supportive heel inside those boots for proper support.
Gray/black rubber sole with traction for snow and cold winter.
Child can wear them entire winter - not just as a snow boot.
Durable like iron those boots, we sell hundreds of them every season in Chicago store.
Waterproof and snow proof for a boy to wear entire winter, not just in a snow.
Child can wear them to school as well since wool is a natural material and they never sweat in them.
Please those boots are lined with wool so go up a size in them. 

Boots for kids to improve the posture

Good snow boots for a child


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