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European manufactured boots for children that are not made in China

Children shoes not made in China
Yes, made in Europe since we import them via sea containers ourselves in huge bulk volumes.
We do not sell shoes or boots made in China as they are not orthopedic, not supportive and they deform kids feet.
Anything that China produces is low quality and falls apart quickly.
Worst part is they have no clue what orthopedic shoe even is and how to construct one.
When manufactured in China no quality is produced and fit on any shoes is horrible
No one in China pays attention to any quality not fit for shoes
That is why we Europeans never buy any China made product since we know they produce low quality products only.
Those high tops are top quality and all made in Europe and they are orthopedic and supportive.
Blue and jeans color leather shoes for your boy or girl.
Tip toe walking toddler shoes with weak ankles, flat feet and pronation.
Those ankle high tops have reinforced heel so it prevents pronation and aligns child's foot in a packet.
Over time they will align ankles into correct position.
Quality shoes only come from Europe and they are only ones that form feet correctly.
Shoes made in low cost production countries like China are made out low quality leather.
They do not feature any support, imitation only, no arch support in China made shoes.
Heel is not reinforced to align the feet correctly.
That is why invest in quality shoes for your child that are not made in China.
Try caliber of that boot you will be shocked how good they are because they are NOT made in China.
Quality shoes cost money to make in Europe, best materials are used.
Proper support is added, soles are measured for average foot width for every size,
It is time consuming process, thus the cost.
Money spent on quality shoes are money well spent.

European walking toddler shoes not made in China

Good arch kids shoes with support


Ali - SC  -  18/02/2021

Those have been very good and my daughter wore them entire Fall - she still wears them now and they durable. Support in them is good and leather very nice.

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