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Brand: Dawid

Product Code: Kraze Blue

Collapsed ankles boys blue leather sandals

Collapsed ankles boys sandals
Then buy supportive sandals then for your child
Why since those are type of sandals that he should wear to diminish and improve the condition.
Sandals are closed in the back, with profiled soles, none smell soles
Imported from Europe and made out of best leather possible.
We in Europe only put such caliber of sandal on our kids and we end up with well formed feet.
Cause of collapsed ankles and flat feet are cheap shoes from China.
They are manufactured our of low quality leather, oversized and have no support of any kind.
Why would you even consider such shoes for your child?
USA pediatricians do not believe in quality shoes for children since simply there is none made locally.
They are also not taught in medical schools how shoes affect child's feet in posture.
In Europe shoes and support is a base for good posture and foot development.
Every European pediatrician, foot doctor will tell you that. They would be literally amazed if they heard that" shoes for a child does not matter"
It is not true - shoes matter and they matter a lot and assist in body, feet, posture development.
There is no quality shoes produced in USA since 1980, none.
All shoes sold in USA are imports from China.
Sorry but China does not have a clue what quality even is, so how on earth would they produce quality, supportive shoes?
How? They do not know nothing about it.
Europe is the only producer of quality shoes and they make best supportive shoes for kids and adults.
Please Note: this style runs small so order size up.

Sandals for a child with flat feet and severe pronation

Closed back walking leather sandals for kids


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