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Comfortable snow boots kids from Europe
Toddlers ankles roll inwards best fix shoes.
Foot shape best orthopedic boots.
They are navy in color with a hint of gray.
Lined with sheep natural wool and outside waterproof outlayer.
Waterproof and snow proof for a boy to wear entire winter, not just in a snow.
Child can wear them to school as well since wool is a natural material and they never sweat in them.
Ortho arches present like in all Euro boots.
Best snow boots for a child that are light in weight and corrective.
Every child wears them entire winter and they have to stand to cold temperatures and long winters.
We sell them great in cold climates - try them for snow and winter wear, you will be shocked how good they are.

Toddlers ankles roll inwards best fix shoes

Foot shape best orthopedic boots


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J.C - Michigan 2016-04-07 01:27:07

Best winter boots that I ever got for my son. Wore them non stop, even now he wants to wear them and it is still cold here. Superior quality and will buy them next year as well. Real wool inside, light in weight and lamb leather on them. They did not leak snow or water even once.