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Brand: Garvalin

Product Code: Hans Red

Cool red boat shoes for child

Red suede loafers for a boy or girl for Spring or Summer.
Perfect casual style to wear with no socks.
We love those shoes - they are like adult shoes but for little man.
The soles on those cool shoes are with spikes and they are soft to wear it daily.
They do have ankle support and structure to them since in Europe all the shoes do have that.
Arch support is present as well and added to the soles.
The sole keeps child feet in a packet and give ultimate ankle support.
Child walks in them superior where ankle is supported and aligned.
No pronation or pigeon toe will ever develop.
Lovely red suede loafers that are made in Spain.
That suede leather is made in Spain and does not bleed
They easy to clean and take care of.
Just wash them with brush and soap and sit them to dry.
Spanish have an eye for quality and their dress shoes are excellent.
This is a quality shoe that every child does need as their feet are forming and developing.
Avoid any junk shoes on your child that are soft, no arch support and not supportive.
Shoes made in China are the worst and they offer zero support.
It is worth it to invest in child's feet and posture.

Slip on loafers for a child made in Spain

Good shoes for a child from Spain


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