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Correction shoes for fallen arches in boys
Leather boys brown shoes, ortho best for your boy.
Best correction shoes for fallen arches boys.
Brown/beige leather.
They have it all - proper ankle support, great arches and reinforced heel.
Heel is supported at all times with reinforced heel thus preventive and corrective for ankle pronation.
Boys in Europe wear only such shoes as those.
We call them orthopedic shoes in Europe but what it means is that they form and develop kids feet and posture.
No other shoes are allowed for sale in Europe, only supportive ones.
Due to that European Union regulation every child has well formed feet.
No business of orthodics like it is in USA, good shoes are bought and child feet are correctly forming.
No need for orthodics and doctors visits.
Good shoes for a child matter, they support feet and entire body so if cheap shoes are worn child will have orthopedic problems.

Ortho arch support for kids

Best correction shoes for fallen arches boys


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Lana D - Clearwater, FL 2012-06-30 13:58:49

I ordered those as a casual sneaker for my son and they are great. Flexible, great leather and nicely manufactured shoes. Great arch support inside as expected. I bought many shoes from that store over the years and as a result my son has nicely developed feet. He walks straight, with great posture. Well, when I see local kids at the playground and how they walk and type of shoes they do wear, I sometimes wonder if other moms see what they are doing to their children's feet.....Amazing....

Sandra from Staten Island 2012-03-05 19:14:30

I just got those shoes 3 days ago and my son absolutely loves them. The color, design and leather is top quality as expected for that price. Inside they have great arch and antibacterial innersoles (that what it says inside the shoe). My son's feet sweat in any other shoes I buy but not in those. I bet because of those antibacterial soles. They are also very flexible for a toddler shoe. I like them a lot. I will buy a sandal from that exact label and I will be set for Spring and Summer.