Closed toe sandals high tops in orange girls

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Brand: Murek

Product Code: Weronika Orange

Corrective high top leather shoes for girls
High top walking sandals for an older child.
Special sandals for girl that needs ankle support for pronation.
Made out of orange leather.
Lovely soft shoes with proper ortho support for a child.
Foot forming best since it has it all that child needs in truly quality shoes.
Arches, heel support, soft leather, none smell soles.
They will correctly restore your kids feet to healthy since they are ortho best support shoes.
Remember investing in good shoes for child is like investing in posture, feet and body gait,
That is why children in Europe do not wear none supportive shoes and they do not develop any orthopedic problems.
They are not pronated, not pigeon toed, and not flat footed.
They only wear supportive, orthopedic shoes from the day they start to stand and walk.
Footwear for children in Europe is viewed as medical, developmental product, it is not a fashion statement.
Children start with good shoes, continue to teen years and then by they time they reach adulthood they have perfect feet and posture.
Only shoes sold in USA are the worst quality since they are not supportive, not orthopedic and they all made in China.
China has no clue what quality, orthopedic shoe even is and how to manufacture one.
Quality shoe manufacture requires attention to detail, quality in craftsmanship, skill and proper angle of support for each style.
Europe is the only continent that is known from manufacture of best shoes for kids and adults.
Kids shoes have to be quality and orthopedic otherwise they will deform and destroy your kids feet in instant.

Special sandals for girl that needs ankle support

Good sandals for a child with support


Stacy J - Jacksonville,FL  -  24/08/2019

I rate this sandal 10 stars or better. It is flexible, well made and very soft. My daughter liked them right away and she wears them daily. They are soft, have good arch support and they are sturdy in the back. It is important for ankle support. Superior quality, cannot ask for anything better and that is why I buy only shoes from you for 5 years now. Thanks to you my child has well shaped feet and posture.

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