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Corrective baby footwear for intoeing child with arches

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Product Code: Lanzik Red

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  • Corrective shoes for intoeing child with arches.
    Toddlers sandals with ankle support.
    Orthopedic leather intoeing t-straps for a toddler
    Those lovely t-strap intoeing t-straps have it all
    Profiled soles, ankle support and none sweat soles.
    They will support your baby feet and posture
    Restore any orthopedic problems child might have
    Red/gray smooth leather.
    Could be worn barefoot as a sandal but wear them with socks few times just to adjust the on toddlers feet.
    Preventive intoeing footwear, also called health intoeing footwear.
    Its purpose is not to eliminate already existing deformations, but to support the child's foot in proper development.
    Those walkers are used when the limbs have the correct shape and size in relation to the age of the child.
    Their main purpose is to prevent foot defects and to support their correct formation.

    Prophylactic intoeing footwear are constructed in such a way that orthopedic insoles can be placed in them if necessary.
    They do not look different from traditional intoeing footwear, they are as colorful and attractive as the usual models available in stores in Europe.
    Their additional advantage is the adjustable fasteners that help adjust the shoe to the shape of the foot and the stiffened back part that holds the heel in the correct position, thus preventing it from bending.

    Toddlers sandals with ankle support.

    Toe in intoeing supportive baby shoes


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