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Product Code: Halibut Blue

Corrective Sandals for Toeing In | Pigeon Feet Toddler Fix

Corrective toeing sandals for a child
Heel support best orthopedic corrective sandals for a child.
Corrective tall with good ankle support and toeing in corrective sandals for a child.
Orthopedic best corrective as they should be for weak pronated ankles and deformed feet.
Made in Europe out of quality leather and good corrective orthopedic support.
Corrective best for flat feet since they feature big arch support that is needed for all kids.
Corrective, corrective, corrective corrective and supportive for every child so they prevent orthopedic problems and correct current ones.
In Europe we call them orthopedic shoes but in USA parents search for corrective sandals.
Well, keep your child in good shoes at all time so there is nothing to correct later.
Once kids feet are deformed only good corrective sandals will help.
Cheap shoes with zero support will deform and destroy kids feet and posture.
It happens over time and then later parents search for corrective sandals.
Made out of blue/gray leather with hint of white.
Decorated with white stitching.
Fully regulated velcros for wide feet and corrective high instep toddler.
High arches best will not sweat in those closed corrective sandals.
Test them in ultra hot weather no sweaty smelly feet ever and feet will be protected at all times.
Feet will be dry and protected.
Close back and covered front for active kids.
Ankle supportive best corrective sandals for boys.
Those corrective ankle sandals will support and transform kids feet and posture.
Sturdy, well made leather corrective ankle high sandals for kids with pronation.

Heel support best orthopedic sandals

Excellent orthopedic arch best kids sandals


Lina, NH - 24/05/2017

Best ortho sandals for a baby...great ankle support that child does need it...they do not sweat either and not cause any blisters despite being so high in the back. My baby's ankles begun to turn since he wore crocks for few months - horrible shoes that deformed his feet....my mother in law screamed on me when she saw them on my baby....she was correct they deformed his feet completely...searched for European high top shoes and they made a huge difference in his walk and ankles begun to line up as well....learned the lesson...will never buy cheap shoes again..period!

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