Custom orthodics ankle sandals for kids

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Brand: Remut

Product Code: Jomer Blue

Custom orthodics sandals for kids
High top walking high top sandals for toddlers.
Sandals were measured for best width, heel support and perfectly fitting kids feet.
Manufacturers in Europe adjust soles and fit for average kids foot.
Process is long and detail oriented.
That is why shoes on Europe fit so well.
They are orthopedic with best support for feet.
Feature ankle support, heel support high arches
This is what is needed in quality orthopedic kids shoes.
Orthopedic means forms kids foot and shapes it correct way.
Ankle high to correct ankle pronation and pigeon toes.
Reinforced heel keeps the foot in a packet and aligns it over time.
Just continue with supportive sandals as those and pronation improves in one year.
In 3 years child's ankles align and no sign of orthopedic problems will be present.
Arches are needed for kids in any shoes
Invest in only genuine European shoes as they always orthopedic and supportive.

High top for good ankle support and total comfort

Good quality sandals for kids made in Europe


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