Ankle support baby slippers with arches

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Brand: Remut

Product Code: Selin Navy

Deformed feet toddler house shoes
House shoes for a baby with best arch support and ankle support from Europe.
Baby boys house shoes to learn how to walk
Ortho house shoes for a toddler boys with good support.
Flat foot best supportive house slippers for a baby with weak ankles and pronation.
Deformed feet are effect of wearing shoes or slippers with no support as a child.
Just imagine, child stand up and whole weight is supported by shoes they wear.
If the shoes are soft - how would they support their little feet?
In fact they do not and weight pushes on the feet, slowly deforming them.
Deformed feet manifest in ankle pronation, pigeon toes, flat feet.
Made out of navy canvas material featuring a race car.
Fully adjustable clip that will stabilize child's foot.
Proper arches, heel support and foot forming features.
Even house shoes for a child are orthopedic.
No such thing as flat junk shoes in Europe - why?
Footwear for kids have to be orthopedic and supportive as they form their kids feet and posture.

House shoes for a toddler boy for deformed ankles

Canvas slippers for a baby girl


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