Designer ortho girls Spanish girls sandals

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Brand: Agatha Ruiz de la Prada

Product Code: Tamara White

Designer Spanish ortho baby sandals
Quality, supportive and the best as they come.
Adorable with flower on the front and rainbow decoration on the side.
Fantastic white leather so they match just about anything/
Greatly padded inside, on the heel so there is no discomfort of any kind.

Ankle pronation best with reinforced heel for a toddler.
Super sandals for a baby, one of a kind and designer.
Sole is cool as well - orange and stands out on a little walker.
Great leather inside and out for a child with best support.
Child needs great shoes as those as their feet are forming and developing
If you baby is wearing cheap shoes with no support their feet will get deformed.
Pigeon toes,  pronation and even flat feet are due to wearing cheap shoes
10% of flat is genetic rest is acquired from cheap footwear.
That is why in Europe we do not place cheap shoes on our children as they deform and destroy their feet and posture.

Ankle pronation sandals for kids

White sandals for child with narrow feet


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