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Double wide blue boots for a toddler with best support

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Brand: Dawid

Product Code: Iwona Blue

Tags:  extra wide kids shoes

High arch high tops for kids with good arches

Toddler baby shoes with wide chubby feet and high instep

Double wide boots for a toddler with best support
Toddler girls shoes with wide feet and high instep.
High arch high tops for kids preventing pronation
Best boots for tip toe walkers with best support.
Sky blue leather and decorated with hello kitty logo.
Sturdy stiff ankle wide boots with reinforced heel for good support.
Orthopedic best as they should be for growing and developing kids feet and posture.
Arches like inflated pillows in those boots
Designed and made by orthopedic doctors in Europe.
Manufacturer is known from producing all the boots for orthopedic labs in Europe.
Their line of boots that we sell is the best of ortho wide boots on the market in Europe.
They support wide kids feet to the fullest
Restoring feet with orthopedic problems
Boots made in Europe as those are only orthopedic ones and truly supportive.
Avoid local cheap boots made in China, they causing more feet problems then you can imagine.
Low grade boots deforming and destroying kids feet and that is why we in Europe never put low quality shoes on our children.

USA had a huge medical business of medical appointments, orthodics, AFO's, surgery, physical therapy for children that in 98% cases is totally not necessary.
It is all designed to extract money from parents and insurance companies.
Furthermore, no podiatrist in USA is taught about importance of good boots for growing and forming feet and entire posture.
It simply are never taught and shown examples of what good supportive boots do to forming feet over time.
In any European medical schools orthopedic boots are a part of medical education and standard that is practiced by any private clinic or hospital.
Unfortunately majority of USA podiatrists are taught to sell orthodics, surgeries and AFO without any successful results.
It is important to mention that even orthodics made by a doctor (not the generic ones you buy online - don't waste your money on those, they do absolutely nothing to kids feet) will NOT create any improvement without good supportive boots!
USA medical orthopedic society tell the parent that no other treatment exists.
That is a big LIE!
Ask about quality boots any medical professional or European podiatrists better yet any native Italian, German, Serbian, French, Ukrainian, Spanish or Polish and the first thing they tell you that shoes for a child are very important for proper foot and posture development and they only buy European made boots for their children since they they are the only ORTHOPEDIC ONES.
They know that first hand as they grew up on those boots themselves and have no orthopedic problems themselves. Of course they want same for their children.
Please Note this style runs small so order size up


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