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Dress sandals for girls from France, beige leather with diamonds for dresses, natural leather used with arches. Best for girls with narrow to regural feet child.

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Brand: Bopi

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Beige leather dress girls sandals from France

Dress sandals for girls from France
Beige leather sandals for a toddler with good arches
Profiled soles with arches since no flat sandals is ever produced in Europe.
Arches are contoured to the soles of the model
All European shoes, sandals, sneakers are made like that - support is in the sole
There is no such thing as flat shoes in Europe - it never was and it never will be.
Natural leather used soft and well processed.
Beige leather with silver stones.
Lovely style orthopedic support best.
Comfortable soles for walling with profiled arches.
Best for regural to narrow feet - measured well in France on average child's foot.
Perfect dress sandal with diamonds decorative and well made for girls.

Beige sandals for a toddler with good arches

Fashion kids sandals with best support


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