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Dress sandals for girls from France
Beige leather sandals for a toddler with good arches
Profiled soles with arches since no flat sandals is ever produced in Europe.
Natural leather used soft and well processed.
Beige leather with silver stones.
Lovely style orthopedic support best.
Comfortable soles for walling with profiled arches.
Best for regural to narrow feet - measured well in France on average child's foot.
Perfect dress sandal with diamonds decorative and well made for girls.

Beige sandals for a toddler with good arches

Fashion kids sandals with best support


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Letty from Miami 2015-02-26 01:34:42

Perfect fit on those and leather is very soft with great support inside. Beautiful design too since they match every outfit my girl has. They are made in France so quality is there - stickers on them and all. I love the flexibility and support. We had such shoes in Mexico as well but they were not that fancy as those but they did the job. I buy only European made shoe since those sold in USA are not quality, not orthopedic and they deform kids feet. I was told that by local podiatrist who is Greek by the way and he went on and on on low quality shoes sold locally. So I am a convert you can say. Love those sandals and I recommend them to other moms.

Ms. Watkins 2014-05-02 01:41:47

Cute and well made - thank you I love them!