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Dress ankle sandals corrective for baby

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Brands Remut

Product Code: Jupa Turquoise

  • SKU: 14578569
  • Tags:  closed back tall sandals

    Dress ankle ortho sandals for baby
    Best new walkers for a toddler learning to walk and stand
    Ankle high best for pronation with reinforced ankle support for a toddler.
    Best start up walker with proper ortho support.
    Turquoise and pink leather and decorated with flower.
    Type of a sandal that every baby wears in the spring or summer.
    They have all the features of ortho support shoe.
    Soft soles, closed high back, good arches, best leather and measured for width best soles
    Child will comfortably walk in those lovely baby sandals plus receive excellent ankle support in those lovely shoes.
    Over time they will properly form child's foot and give best support.

    Corrective medical shoes for kids - as they should be for growing and developing feet and posture.

    Toddler shoes learning to walk and stand

    Soft new walking sandals for a toddler girl


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