Unique shoes for a girl in stylish metallic leather

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Brand: Garvalin

Product Code: Plata Beige Metallic

Dress shoes for a girl in stylish beige metallic leather.
They look simple but they are perfect dress shoe or even casual for a any girl.
Child can wear the daily as well since they would match any casual outfit well.
The color on them is like rose going into beige metallic but they are more beige.
The nose of the shoe is beige, velcro and sides of the shoe have like light shimmer on them
It is a perfect dressy shoe for any beige, rose, light beige pink dress you might have for your child.
The leather on them is top quality and they really soft at the soles.
Great ankle support in them of course and orthopedic arches added to the soles.
Child can wear them with no socks since they have antibacterial innersoles in them.
This is top quality shoe from Spain.
We like them because they have structure to the heel so when child is walking in them they hold their ankles well.
Every shoe produced in Europe is NEVER soft in the heel - they all have weak ankles support.
The heel and ankles are covered fully so ortho support is there.
Orthopedic arches are added to the soles of the shoes like all the shoes in Europe.
Rubber soles with arches in them - it is a standard technology in Europe now.
Europeans know how to process leather well and anti-smell soles are always present.
Feet are pronating in kids due to soft none supportive shoes with zero ankles support.
Shoes made in China are always miss fitted and offer zero support for growing and forming feet.
Notice they are always soft in the heel and deforming the ankles in a process.
Therefore it is best to buy 2 pairs of good shoes per season and rotate between those.

Please Note: this stye runs small so order size up.

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