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Special Occasion Dress Shoes | Quality Children Footwear

Baby, toddler and children dress shoes with wide selection for boys and girls. Special occasion leather shoes for toddler with good arch. Designed as orthopedic shoes with proper support for every age group. Baby dress walkers are high and ankle supportive since little kids need ankle support. Older children wear models that are lower at the heel but still with reinforced heel support so they are not soft at the ankles. They have reinforced heel support added to prevent pronation. All models feature antibacterial innersoles to absorb sweat from kids feet as their feet perspire more then adults so anti-sweat soles are a must. Orthopedic best for causal wear or special occasion or holiday. We offer mary janes, loafers, and slip on shoes such as ballerina. They are offered in array of colors from white, pink, black, navy, gray, blue, silver, gold, red and beige as they are classic colors that match most of the outfits. They are perfect for wedding, holiday, Communion or special occasion. They match dressy clothes, suit or even tuxedo. All dress shoes for kids are manufactured in Europe - not China out of quality leather and proper orthopedic support that every child does need. Walkers for children have to be supportive and orthopedic as they form their feet and posture. Walkers are manufactured to perfection and it is designed to correctly support little feet. Ankle support is added, arch, heel support with reinforced back (high tops) will offer best support that every child does need. Not just those with feet and posture problems. That is why children in do not wear cheap made in China, we just have none. Walkers for kids are viewed as medical, developmental need so they have to be the best and truly support kids feet. About 95% of orthopedic problems that child displays is due to not supportive footwear he/she wears. Cheap footwear with no support destroying and deforming kids feet over time and they appear in form of pigeon toe and ankle pronation. Also over time child will develop flat feet from wearing models with no arch support. Quality made shoes (original ones not copies) have that feature added to every model. Stores carry quality models only since no none supportive footwear with zero support are even allowed for sale. Every factory and brand is regulated for children by Ministry of Health. It is designed to monitor footwear industry so they make footwear that benefit a child not cause orthopedic issues. Prevention is a key here and it is easily achievable with those quality models. They are solidly made, supportive and simply the best for small growing and developing feet. Perfect styles for Christmas, Thanksgiving and Easter offered from France, Italy, Spain, Serbia, Poland designer shoes by Garvalin, Naturino, Falcotto, Renbut, Agatha Ruiz de la Prada.

Baby special dress leather shoes for toddlers

Flat foot support girls and boys black loafers

Nela Burgundy

Orthopedic dress shoes for girls with arches and proper ankle support. Back of the shoe is supported and child will not pigeon toe in those shoes. Of course i..

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Oregon Brown

Weak ankles best boots kids High top boots for a boy with flexible sole and best orthopedic support.Above the ankles then standard sneaker or ankle boots.They..

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Pela Navy

Toddler arch support shoes European made since in Europe no flat shoes with zero support is ever produced for children. Only supportive orthopedic shoes are m..

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Plata Beige Metallic

Dress shoes for a girl in stylish beige metallic leather.They look simple but they are perfect dress shoe or even casual for a any girl. Child can wear the da..

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Plata Silver

Perfect silver dress or casual shoes for a child. Lovely silver style with silver shimmer leather on the sides. Wonderful style for a child made in Spain.They..

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Polinezja Black

Posture corrective shoes for kids with high archesOrthopedic school or dress shoes for girlsVery durable to wear to school and they will last entire season ea..

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